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Life and living: Getting active

We’ve reached that time of year when some of our well-intentioned fitness habits have fallen by the wayside. And that’s OK. It happens to the best of us. Perhaps what we need is the motivation that comes from a fitness tracker or a fitness app. To help kickstart that motivation, we’ve rounded up some of the best pedometers, fitness trackers and health apps available today.

Keep it simple

If you’re mainly looking to track your steps without all the bells and whistles, look no further than a pedometer. They’re simple and small, but they get the job done.

3DActive 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter 3D Pedometer

This pedometer has an extra-large display, is lightweight and has good battery life. There’s virtually no setup, and you don’t need to download apps to get started. The 3DFitBud can be clipped to a waistband, carried in your pocket or attached to the included lanyard.

iGANK Simple Walking Pedometer

The iGank is user-friendly, has a long battery life and can store up to 30 days of walking records. Like the 3DFitBud, there are no apps to download, and setup consists of taking it out of the box. It can be hooked to your belt loop, held in your hand or carried in your pocket.

Add a little extra oomph

If you’re looking for something with more features, the following fitness trackers may be what you need.

Fitbit Luxe

Not only does the Fitbit Luxe track your steps, but it also tracks everyday activity, sleep, heart rate, respiration and workouts. You’ll need to download the Fitbit app to see the full picture of your habits and lifestyle. It’s waterproof, and the battery lasts up to seven days.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Unlike the Fitbit Luxe, the Huawei Band 3 Pro has GPS. It also boasts a 14-day battery life, dedicated swimming mode, a heart rate monitor and an easy-to-read display. Setup can be a little tricky as the default language is Chinese until it’s paired with the Huawei Health app on your phone.

Oura (Generation 3)

If you’re more of an analog watch wearer, try the Oura tracker. It’s a ring you wear on your finger, which gives you more accurate readings of your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. Access your stats (e.g., sleep, readiness, activity, stress) via the Oura mobile app.

Improve your fitness health

If hitting the gym isn’t your vibe, or you want to add a little more movement into your day, check out these fitness apps to find the best fit for you.


8fit offers on-demand workouts and meal planning in one app. This is best for people who like a lot of guidance and instruction. Tell 8fit your fitness goals, and it will create a personal program for you. There are both free and paid versions, with the paid versions unlocking additional features.


If you’re good at following directions without keeping your eyes glued to a screen, Aaptiv may be the fitness app for you. Connect to your Spotify account and listen in as a trainer instructs you on what to do. The app suggests workouts suited to your needs based on the exercises you like and the style of music you prefer. Aaptiv doesn’t have a free version, but you can take advantage of their seven-day free trial.

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

Work out with Thor himself via Centr—an all-in-one fitness app that plans your training, workouts and meals. Choose from the options of building muscle, losing weight or getting fit in general. There are both workouts led by coaches and workouts that are self-guided. After a free seven-day trial, the app requires a subscription.

Summing it up

While these lists don’t encompass everything, it’s a small sampling to give you an idea of what options are available—no matter your budget. Here’s to taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle!

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